Being born into the lap of luxury doesn’t always ensure that you will never have to struggle.Nikhil Kumar, the son of former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, found that out the hard way, when he decided that it was a career in films, and not politics, that he wanted. For over a year, Nikhil’s been training for his film debut — the big-ticket Kannada-Telugu bilingual production, Jaguar. From intense workouts to help him shed flab (he was nearly 95 kgs when he started out) and get in shape, to specific training schedules in martial arts, dance and drama, the youngster has had his work cut out for him. And now, 110 days into the making of Jaguar, Nikhil tells us that the struggle was worth it and that his efforts have paid off. In a quick chat with us during a break from the shoot of the film in Mysuru, Nikhil tells us about the journey so far.